Large Storage Units



10 x 20 UNIT

200 square feet

$125.00 per month


For all your storage needs, our 10 x 20 is a great unit.  Holding a three bedroom house full of items, or equal to a one car garage, this unit is great for storing a car or a great deal of furniture and boxes for only $125.00 a month.




10 x 25 UNIT

250 square feet

$145.00 per month


Running 50 square feet bigger than our 10 x 20, our 10 x 25 can hold a four bedroom house worth of items including your car, furniture, and boxes.  At $145.00 per month this unit is a good deal and has storage space for all of your needs.




15 x 20 UNIT

300 square feet

$165.00 per month


Equal to a five bedroom house, or 1.5 car garage, our 15 x 20 is one of our most popular storage units.  This unit can hold your car as well as furniture and your boxes.  At $165.00 per month this unit is one of our best deals.




20 x 20 UNIT

400 square feet

$250.00 per month


Our largest units are the 20 x 20.  This storage unit can hold up to two cars or a 5 bedroom house worth of boxes and furniture.  For only $250.00 per month, the 20 x 20 has all the storage and convenience that you need.  Get in touch with us today to get started.